Best cities to Invest in Rental Property 2018 2019

US property prices are too high for most buyers, particularly millennial’s, and housing availability is squeezed everywhere. Interest rates remain low.

It’s a big money making opportunity for investors like you to grow your investment income by buying more of the best available apartments, houses or condos. Of course, from your 1st property to your 10th, you’ll need a good plan to find properties in the best cities, and then assess their cash flow and capital gains potential.

If you believe rental investments is for you, then all you have to do is find theproperties with the best ROI. Top returns are more likely in hot US cities where the economy, in-migration and technology are drawing investment dollars and creating employment or business opportunities.

6 key factors to examine:

  1. Local economy
  2. Employment growth
  3. Wage growth
  4. Population growth
  5. Increase in home values
  6. Rental yield

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